Trail Rider Challenge Judges

We are always looking for individuals who wish to be Trail Rider Challenge Judges.


  1. Complete the TRC JUDGE APPLICATION (posting soon)
  2. Read and Learn the TRC Rules
  3. Read and Learn the TRC JUDGING GUIDE
  4. Take and pass a Rules Test
  5. Watch and score a class of TRC rides either online or in person. Your scoring will then be reviewed. Adequate scoring will result in being granted a Judge License. If more practice is needed we will offer ways for you to get more experience.

If you become a Judge and receive money you may no longer be considered an amateur competitor in many equine events. If you wish to remain an amateur you may judge on a volunteer basis.


Trail Rider Challenge Judges List

The following individuals are recognized Trail Rider Challenge Judges. All judges on this list have completed the TRC Judging Program. Names in Bold have judged 2 or more events and received positive reviews.


Kelli Paulson Crist, Tekamah, NE 68061  Phone: 402-889-6042 Email:

Hallie Paulson, Tekamah, NE 68061  Phone: 402-237-9839 Email:

More will be added soon.

Hiring a Judge

When hosting an event the judge you hire is one of the most important decisions. Riders respect and want the opinion of a good judge. At the end of the day a well judged event is a key factor  in hosting a successful event.

  • Hire your Judge as early as possible.
  • Hire a judge from the list above or choose a knowledgeable person and ask them to complete the Judge’s program. An already experienced candidate can go through the program in about two hours. The program needs to be completed before their name is listed on the event flyer.
  • Expect to pay the Judge about $5 per ride plus any expenses such as mileage and hotel. Some judges may work as a volunteer if they have a relationship to your group or cause if its a fundraiser.

Trai Rider Challenge Judge Program          Trai Rider Challenge Judges