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Series (if applicable), Lifetime and annual points are kept for each member horse and rider team. Points qualify each horse and rider team for the season’s finals and awards as well as lifetime awards.
Season Finals
The Season finals are held the last weekend in October each year and are hosted by Kelli
Paulson. The Finals will have one course per Division. The Course uses appropriate skills for it’s division. The Course winner is the Division Champion. Five places are awarded.
To qualify a horse and rider team must earn 40 points in their division during the year.

Year End Awards are awarded in each division based on points.  What the prizes are depend on number of members in each division.

Lifetime Trail Horse Awards are based on points earned over time.

How are points awarded?
Each course completed = 5 points

Plus 1 point for each person you beat.

Plus Ribbon placings for each course
1st = 15 points
2nd = 12 points
3rd = 9 points
4th = 6 points
5th = 3 points
6th = 1 points